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For the ambitious entrepreneur or modern business owner looking for a tailored strategy and support from dedicated consultants to help them reach their full potential. Our international team of experts are able to assist you with luxury marketing, branding and finance consulting. 

STRATEGIC Consulting

Look no further, you have just found your new Chief Marketing Officer to guide you through your brand's journey. At M and J, we provide a 360 degree brand management experience by building confidence and net wealth for brands.

These are some of the services we can assist you with:
- Creating your Brand Strategy
- Developing a new brand identity
- Repositioning an existing brand to a premium or luxury market
- Designing the aesthetics of your brand (logo, colour palette etc)
- Developing and producing your content strategy (marketing assets)
- Social Media design and optimising your Social Media accounts
- Digital PR and Brand Collaborations
- Event Design and Coordination
- Improving the Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty
- Art direction and Brand shoot
- Monitoring and analysing the different online metrics

BRAND Management

Are you ready to break all those cliches about finances, have someone dedicated to you, who actually cares about you, who understands how frustrating finance can be and makes sure your naked finances are actually sexy?

Imagine if you had MORE TIME to spend ON YOUR Business and NOT IN your business. Imagine if you had MORE TIME to spend on vacations, with your friends and with your loved ones.

Imagine if your dedicated Chief Financial Officer MADE MORE TIME just for you. He simplified the important numbers, made them so easy to understand and catapulted your cashflow through the roof.

CFO Services


For the ambitious entrepreneur or modern business owner looking to have the WOW effect in the industry. Trust us, a picture/ video is worth a thousand words so let’s develop your brand concept and relay your unique story to the World. At M and J our in-house team is ready take care of everything from start to finish for your next launch, new website, social media accounts and media kit.

These include the following:
- Defining the objective and unique concept
- Detailed Pinterest mood board (shot list, makeup, hairstyle, outfits etc.) 
- Creation of a script narrative with a powerful story telling for videos
- Pre-production work and briefing the whole team
- Location scouting, organising and scheduling the shoot
- Coordinating the team and creative direction on set by Mélanie and Juvan
- Photo, video production and behind the scene content
 - Post production work with editing and final deliverables


ART Direction

For Businesses who want to revamp their existing website or create a website that captivates the attention of their audience leaving them closing all tabs except yours. Our professional designers will create a tailored, strategic custom Showit website (with a great mobile friendly design) that maximises client’s conversion and aligns with your brand identity. Your old website is already jealous of your new one. 



People buy products and services every day either thinking that they are paying to little or too much. Our dedicated team at M and J guides and equips business owners / entrepreneurs with confidence and a customised value pricing strategy. This unique strategy aligns their offering with their ideal client’s expectations and skyrockets their net wealth.


SALES Strategy

You are one click away from a social media strategy that is going to change the game for you and your business. At M and J we can help you create a custom strategy that will attract your ideal clients.

We focus on planning your editorial calendar and selecting the right type of content to engage better with your audience. Our designers can also create custom templates for your Instagram feed, saving you countless hours and making your life easier. 

 Businesses with a memorable brand have a greater chance to convert and sell. Let’s optimise the overall bio, the profile picture and Instagram highlights of your business because we never get the chance to make a good first impression twice. We design a customer experience that has the WOW effect, making your clients fall in love with your brand. A style guide will be provided to you as part of your social media strategy to assist in making future strategic decisions of your brand.



M and J are Certified Xero Partners and specialise in Cloud Based Accounting Services across the globe. Our dedicated and trained team assists businesses by integrating state of the art apps and software’s from our network of partners to improve their efficiency while being environmentally friendly by using paper less record keeping.

We strive to be at the front line of innovation and build long term and sustainable client relationships.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and guarantee that we will have a Zoom call with our local clients and international clients at least once a month.

CLOUD-BASED Accounting

M and J host and love to speak at many international conferences. Whether you are a local or international business and would like us to be guest speakers at one of your upcoming events, please send us an email with all the details. We would be delighted to be part of your event. 



MEET THE FOUNDERS, Mélanie and Juvan.