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Let’s make up in the desert

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A few months ago, we were looking for a unique and remote place to shoot our next photoshoot with our private photographer Jana. The place we found together was out of this World, really dreamy and spectacular. Ssh don’t tell anyone if you have been here too.

We started preparing for the shoot at Mid-morning and went to have our hair and makeup done at Corle. And yes, the secret is out, I also had some makeup applied for the photoshoot.

For some guys right now might be worried about the makeup part but trust me it’s very quick and basic for most of our shoots, so just go with it.

We then went back home to collect our clothes and attempted to eat and drink without messing up the makeup.

We arrived at the location just before sunset and quickly walked through the dunes to see the amazing view. It looked like we were in our own little Namibia.

We started our little hike up the main dune and to our surprise every few meters we ended up sliding down.

This experience is a lot like success, it isn’t going to be a casual walk in the park but usually involves two steps forward and one step back.

Of course, once you make it to the top, the view is breath-taking and worth the wait.

Then the best part is of course having some fun while doing work, so we decided to run down the dune and make some sand angels.

And you, when last do you capture something amazing?