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Our top 6 principles before taking on new clients

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Taking on new clients can sometimes be daunting. Here are our top 6 recommended principles to make your life easier.

Principle 1: Your Reputation, Yes, Your Reputation is everything you have.

Avoid the temptation to do something that you know is questionable, even if the rewards seem enticing. Unfortunately, time does not eradicate dubious dealings; the stigma follows you your whole life. Rather put in the hard work and those luxury clients will reward you through word of mouth. We highly recommend learning something new every day. Go to bed smarter than when you woke up; read, read, read. Expand your competency beyond your work. Importantly, know what is going on around you, understanding there is always someone wanting your job and your clients.

Principle 2: Walk away when you should.

Knowing when to walk away will avoid problems. When pursuing new business do not let your ego get the better of you. Remember most people will not like you or think they will not need you, no matter how noble or smart you think you are. Then again, not all business is good. Especially avoid clients who want to buy a bicycle and give you as many problems as someone who bought a Porsche.

We recommend working with clients who have the same values as you and respect you too.

Principle 3: Trust your talent and expertise

Your products or services should be bought and not sold. Find a way to attract these clients by using your skills and knowledge.  For example, you should not go to a Doctor because you met him at a golf day, and he has a good swing. You should go to a doctor because he is a good Doctor. So likewise, do not attract your clients with gifts, get them by showing them that they can trust your talent and expertise.

Principle 4: Do not reject small businesses.

Treat every client with the same measure of respect. Most successful businesses are made up of an accumulation of smaller income streams. These clients also tend to test you by feeding you lesser amounts initially. Remember that some of your largest clients today were initially probably deemed inconsequential. Furthermore, a number of new introductions and referrals have come from our “smaller” clients.

Principle 5: Don’t make promises that you can’t keep

Avoid extravagant marketing and be true to what you can offer. You are not expected to help everyone, there is nothing wrong with saying I cannot help you on this and recommend them to someone who you can trust that can assist them. This shows that you have their best intentions, and they will remember you for that.

Principle 6: Quality Customer Service

It is very simple yet, most do not follow this principle.

Get back to your clients as soon as possible. We know that most of us get hundreds of emails and calls daily. This does put us under immense pressure to reply instantly. However, even if you are busy, let your client know you have received their mail or call and that you will revert to them as soon as you have a moment. Do not just ignore them.

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