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Our Top 4 Principles before you meet your clients

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We have all been there, the rush hour before meeting our clients.

At M and J, we follow 4 basic principles before meeting any of our clients, and shh we will be sharing them with you.

Principle 1: Rather be early than late.

It is very important that you are early for two reasons. Firstly, by being earlier you are less stressed and can organise exactly what you are wanting to show them or talk about. Secondly, by being early you will always be on time and that shows that you respect your client’s time. For these clients time is money but beyond money, time is what we should value as it measures our lives.

Principle 2: Always apply professional behaviour, dress neatly and appropriately.

You will not want to purchase a luxury product or service from a person who looks like he has come to repair the air conditioner. Remember clients appreciate it if you dress smartly for them. It makes them feel valued and at the same time, it also reflects your character.

Principle 3: Place your cell phone in your briefcase when meeting a new or old client. 

To many people, a cell phone is a major distraction. Think about how you would feel if every time you try to talk to a friend, they seem to be distracted and are constantly interrupting you by looking down at their phone. This also sends a negative message that you have other things that are more important than them.

Listening is also key in converting new clients so maintain eye contact during a meeting, listen with the intention to listen, and not to just answer. A good listener will be able to let the client tell him what problem they are experiencing and provide them with a solution. A good tone of voice when pitching the solution to the prospect will keep them interesting and close more sales.

Principle 4: Always leave adequate time for a chat.

Remove your watch when you arrive early to meet your client and place it in your briefcase. Never put discussions with a client under a time constraint. The key to building a solid and unique long-term relationship is not to try and rush through it like you were doing speed-dating; it takes time to create trust. We recommend that you leave enough time in a meeting to get to know what your client wants from you and for you to explain in detail what products or services you can provide.

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