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Making confidence, your best asset

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An asset is defined as a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation, or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit.

Let us explore how self-confidence can become your number one asset as an individual.

Self-confidence as per the Oxford dictionary is having confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Self-confidence can also be described as being able to:

-keep showing up in every single moment like you are meant to be there

– using your energy to introduce yourself before you even speak

-having a superpower, that once you start to believe in yourself, magic just starts happening

The question you might ask is where does self-confidence come from?

Self-confidence comes from lack of neglect, if you will not neglect to do the small daily disciplines. It stems from feeling good about yourself and one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to give your best in anything you do. When you wake up make your bed, if you conducted a meeting to pitch your service or product that it was the best you could do, if you wrote an email, it was not a casual email it was your best email, and if you made a sales phone call it was the best sales phone call you could possibly make.

Now at the end of those kinds of days when you feel good about yourself, self-confidence starts to rise. You start to realise that if you can have these types of days more regularly, you can have those days become weeks, the weeks become months and these months become that powerful year that you always wanted.

In order to truly become self-confident, you need to do the little things collectively every single day. This entails that you work on all the areas of your life. Some examples are below:

-do the small things well- make up your bed, clean your workplace, plan your week, priorities the important things for the day, and practice time management

-work on physical self- by resting/sleeping enough, take a walk on the beach or in the park, exercising regularly and eating healthier

-work on your mindset- by playing memory games, reading more to educate yourself, challenge yourself and learn new skills, learn to process information quicker

-work on your spiritual/ mental- by being thankful, scheduling time for meditation, having a quiet period without your cell phone before you sleep, listening to relaxing sounds, and praying 

-work on your relationships- by making time for your loved ones, catch up with friends regularly, being present around people and learning to listen more 

Remember your attitude is very important, if you have to learn a few things then learn a few things, if you have to learn ten things then learn all ten, if you have to take that extra class then take that extra class, if you are unsure and have to consult with someone then consult with that expert. Those that are willing to do the necessary small disciplines every single day for a period will grow their self-confidence.

Self Confidence will allow you to rise above your circumstances, to rise above whatever happens in the future that would cause others to give up. By having developed self-confidence, you will be able to tackle the little challenges or big challenges that life brings.

So, keep in mind that with confidence, you have won the battle before you have even started.

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